Group 4 S – Wheats

Posted on June 8th, 2023

LG Redwald is the highest yielding variety on the 2023/24 AHDB Recommended List with a 107 for treated yield. This variety has good agronomics with the highest Septoria rating, 6.7, in Gp 4S. One to watch for Redwald is its standing power with a lodging score of 5, a split PGR programme is a worthwhile investment. As this is a new headline variety it will sell out this coming season so if it interests you, get your hands on some early. To get the best out of this variety do not be tempted to sow early.

KWS Zealum is the other new Gp 4S this year with admirable yield (103) and agronomics, notably a Yellow Rust score of 9. This variety is best placed for early sowing and could be a potential replacement for farmers who already grow LG Skyscraper.

LG Skyscraper has been a farm favourite in recent years with those who grow it well aware of how to get the best out of this variety. Following a Septoria heavy year, a score of 4.9 might not feel quite enough when you see what Redwald & Zealum have to offer.

LG Redwald