Group 4 H – Wheats

Posted on June 8th, 2023

Champion is the highest yielding in Gp 4H, with a score of 106 for treated yield. It has been very popular on farm being one of the cleanest varieties this year, this is because of its agronomics especially the 8.1 for Septoria and 8 for Yellow Rust. This will continue to be a very popular variety for this coming season however I don’t believe it will sell out purely because of the amount that is being grown on farm now. However, to make sure you get the seed when you want it, be sure to book a volume if you know you’re going to want to grow this variety.


KWS Dawsum had a great first year in the recommended list last year being compared to Champion and many farmers choosing to grow either or. However, it seems to have dropped below Champion in yield despite its strong agronomics. It scores 9 for Yellow Rust, 7 for Brown Rust and 6.4 for Septoria. Dawsum has the highest untreated yield within Gp 4H, despite having a lower score for Septoria and no OWBM. Royalties have increased by varying amounts across the breeders which means that Dawsum could look more expensive than its competitors this year.

group 4h Picture2
KWS Dawsum

Gleam is a farm favourite variety. First appearing on the recommended list in 2018 and since become a control variety for trials across the country, everybody loves Gleam. Unfortunately after 5 years it is starting to show its age becoming more susceptible to Yellow Rust. However, Gleam is still a very popular variety and that won’t change any time soon.