Group 3 – Wheats

Posted on June 8th, 2023

The Gp 3 market has shrunk in recent years and been overtaken by the Gp 4 hard varieties. Gp 3’s were once the higher yielding varieties however this is no longer the case with few farmers growing for biscuit making.

LG Prince is joint highest in Gp 3 for treated yield with a robust agronomic package scoring an 8 for Yellow Rust, 7 for Brown Rust & OWBM resistance. Prince does have a lower specific weight of 75kg/hl which may put growers off. Do not grow this variety on light land.

LG Astronomer has the highest untreated yield within Gp3 and the strongest disease resistance. It is resistant to young plant yellow rust and scores 9 for Yellow Rust itself, 8 for Brown Rust, 6.2 for Septoria & OWBM resistance. This is a lower yielding variety however if you’re looking to reduce fungicide inputs, this could be the variety choice for you.

LG Astronomer