Spring has sprung

Posted on March 21st, 2022

Its starting to look as if Spring has sprung, taken by one of our locals farmers over the weekend. Have you got what you need for the busy season ahead? If not talk to us for crop protection and seed! This season its more important than ever to plan ahead.

T0 Biostimulants

Posted on March 1st, 2022

Within the UPL range of biostimulants are two that stand out from the rest.

The first is a laminarin based product, used at T0 to control Septoria tritici and Powdery mildew. The labels application rate is 1l/ha however from independent trials 0.75l/ha provides best value for control. The way the laminarin based product works is by eliciting the plants natural defence mechanism. The reason it must be used at T0 and no later is at this stage it can provide protection for the crop throughout all of the following growth stages. One of the most exciting features of this product is it has no known resistance.

The second is a product called Vitalroot, which improves both nutrient and water access as well as translocation. This means the crops have better uptake of nutrient and in times of high N prices could potentially lead to an increase in efficiency of N. The improvement in root mass is evident in the attached photos. This is also applied at T0.

For more information on our biostimulant range, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

UPL trial (Vitalroot) image comparison.
UPL trial (Vitalroot)

Maize seed available

Posted on January 11th, 2022
2022 is our first year dealing in Maize seed. We’re currently working with Elsoms and LimaGrain to be able to offer a concise yet varied portfolio. The UK maize market has over 600 registered varieties however, we feel that is far too many to ensure the quality of your crop and therefore we offer 6. Listed below are the varieties we’re able to offer:
  • Makayla (FAO 180) – Early Vigour, Great Standing Power
  • LG Equity (FAO 180) – Early Vigour, Reliable, High Starch
  • Mojito (FAO 190/200) – Reliable, Great Standing Power, Early Vigour
  • Meadow (FAO 200) – Safe & Economic Choice
  • Prestol (FAO 220) – Stays Green, Big Leaves
  • Neutrino (FAO 230) – Large Cobs, High Fresh Yield & Starch
For more information or enquiries please call us on 01787 238200 or email

COVID-19 Company Statement

Posted on October 18th, 2021

CROPCO Limited Coronavirus COVID-19 Company Statement

At CROPCO Limited, we take the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers seriously and consider it our duty to keep you updated as to the steps we are taking to ensure employee and customer safety whilst maintaining business continuity.

We are taking every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of staff and customers, these include:

  • making hand sanitisation products available to all staff
  • providing all staff with the latest guidance on preventing the spread of the virus
  • providing staff with the latest information regarding the symptoms of the virus and the actions they should follow should they display any of those symptoms
  • following isolation guidance to cover different scenarios such as staff showing symptoms, or having had exposure to someone confirmed with the illness, or having been confirmed as having the illness
  • having a procedure in place to notify our customers if any of our staff are confirmed as having the illness and have come into contact with customers members of staff. Similarly, we require our customers to notify us if a member of their staff has been confirmed as having the virus and comes into contact with our staff
    We are confident that the robust measures we are taking can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus whilst ensuring business continuity.

Assuring you of our best endeavours at all times.

Thank you.