Maize seed available

Posted on January 11th, 2022
2022 is our first year dealing in Maize seed. We’re currently working with Elsoms and LimaGrain to be able to offer a concise yet varied portfolio. The UK maize market has over 600 registered varieties however, we feel that is far too many to ensure the quality of your crop and therefore we offer 6. Listed below are the varieties we’re able to offer:
  • Makayla (FAO 180) – Early Vigour, Great Standing Power
  • LG Equity (FAO 180) – Early Vigour, Reliable, High Starch
  • Mojito (FAO 190/200) – Reliable, Great Standing Power, Early Vigour
  • Meadow (FAO 200) – Safe & Economic Choice
  • Prestol (FAO 220) – Stays Green, Big Leaves
  • Neutrino (FAO 230) – Large Cobs, High Fresh Yield & Starch
For more information or enquiries please call us on 01787 238200 or email