Group 1 – Wheats

Posted on June 8th, 2023

Skyfall is the most popular milling variety grown on farm, it has a long drilling window that extends to February and is the only Gp 1 with OWBM resistance. It scores very well for Brown Rust,9, and poorly for Yellow Rust,3, this is evident by the picture seen (captioned Skyfall).

KWS Zyatt and Crusoe are still important varieties in Gp 1 as long as they can be managed for Yellow and Brown Rust respectively. They both have similar Septoria scores of 6.1 & 6.2 which are the highest within Gp1, this is important for the year we have had.

RGT Illustrious makes a return to the AHDB Recommended List with the highest untreated yield score in Gp 1. Illustrious has the strongest all-round agronomics and prefers heavy land. Illustrious should be grown as a 1st wheat and its Nitrogen programme managed as a 2nd. To get the best out of this variety increase the seed rate by 10%.