Metaldehyde Amnesty

Posted on September 29th, 2021

Anglian Water are offering a free Metaldehyde replacement service, administered by CROPCO.

For more information read Anglian Water’s info sheet here.

Are you in the Catchments of the Upper Wensum or the Upper Wissey? If so call CROPCO on 01787 238200 or, AF members call 01603 881906.

Please have the following information when you call:

  • Farm or land location to verify catchment inclusion
  • Product name
  • Weight of product in their containers
  • Collection address
  • Contact details for farmer/landowner

Collection Contact Details

AF Group members

07436 077304

CROPCO Limited

01787 238200

Check your catchment

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Your farmland or chemical store must fall within the required catchments. Offer is limited between the dates specified and limited to an undisclosed number of applicants. It is based on a first come first served basis. It is only open to farmers and growers. It is not open to commercial firms engaged in waste disposal or for the disposal of waste. Any waste which is collected and found not to be covered by the scheme will not qualify for free disposal or ferric phosphate replacement. The contact window closes 31st January 2022 but may be extended after this date at Anglian Water’s discretion.