Hybrid Wheat makes UK ‘top five’ on ‘blow away sand’

Last season British record holder Tim Lamyman achieved yields of almost 13t/Ha growing Hystar hybrid wheat on Tumby sands near Horncastle in Lincolnshire; an area better known for its sand quarries than its wheat growing potential.

Representing an increase of 1.2t/Ha over his previous highest yield on this farm, the crop took fifth place in the ADAS Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) competition.

“I have tried lots of conventional varieties at Tumby but because Hybrid Wheat has a bigger root system to begin with and it’s better able to scavenge for nutrients and moisture it seemed best suited to our very light land”, he explained.

Multiple nutrients in the form of foliar feeds from Bionatures’s ‘smart nutrition’ product range, designed to encourage the production of cytokinin plant hormones, are applied on all crops throughout the season.

This year Tim is growing Hybery hybrid wheat on Tumby sands and hopes to benefit from this varieties milling potential.

“We grew some Hybery on stronger land at Worlaby last season and the quality was excellent. It’s a cleaner variety and so far this year it is looking very encouraging,” he observed.

Tim Lamymanis the world record holder for oilseed rape and holds a number of yield awards, including the UK record wheat yield. At Worlaby, near Louth, he took top place in the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) competition for the best wheat field and the best percentage of yield potential categories last year.

To hear why other farmers grow Hybrid Wheat, see our ‘Growing Hybrid Wheat’ video.

For more information about what Hybrid Wheat could offer you, or to order a brochure, contact us on 01787 238200 or email our team athybridwheat@cropco.co.uk.

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